Monday, June 30, 2008

First Post!

I wanted to create this blog so that I could share my story and the stories of people that I know that are taking the ZXoom products! Also a place where you could find information and get ahold of the product so you could start your own SXinney Livin' journey!
I started taking the Liv SXinney and cRave on June 20th. I have felt so great since I started taking the product! I have lots of energy and I have lost weight!
The product is great because there are no stimulants in it, safe for children, yet it decreases your appetite. I have noticed that I do not crave all the junk food, sweets that I used to want every day.
When I started taking the product, I was drinking two diet drinks a day. After about two days, my diet Coke just didn't taste the same to me, but I continued to drink it. On the third day, I literally had to remind myself that I was "supposed" to be having a diet Coke since it was noon! On the fourth day, I didn't even want a diet Coke at all. I didn't have one that day and haven't had one since!
Just naturally, without me making a conscious effort to take these "bad" things out of my diet, the desire to have them has all but gone away.
It is the easiest thing to do, too! I mix up a picture of water and Liv SXinney right before I go to bed. Since I want to drink the Liv SXinney before anything else in the morning, I put a glass by my bed so it's there and ready for me in the morning. I continue to drink my SXinney water throughout the day. I take two packets of the cRave per day. That amount seems to work very well for me. The cRave is a powder, Pixie Stick like substance. It tastes almost just like a Pixie Stick, kind of that sweet/tart taste. It really helps to curb the desire for sweets and the general snacking throughout the day.
Is that easy, or what?
There's no "strict" diet to follow that you follow for a couple of weeks and then break down and give up because you just can't deny yourself any longer. I have really taken a step back from the "diet" mode. I figure if I really want that brownie, I'll have it, just a smaller portion. If I take my cRave before I eat the brownie, chances are I won't even eat half of what I would normally eat!
I am so excited about this product and how I feel. I want to share this with you all!
I am really excited to be involved in this company that hasn't even launched yet! The launch date for the company is July 7th. The growth potential for ZXoom is going to be outrageous! What a great opportunity to be involved in the very beginning and grow with the company.
I will keep my blog updated to let you all know my progress and the progress of other I know that are taking the product.
Please feel free to contact me with questions and/or to get some product for yourself!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have fun!